The natural world on our planet is amazing and my passion is creating hand-painted glass pieces that express some of that beauty.  It just does something deep inside me that I can’t really put into words and I love connecting with other people that get that same feeling.  I am particularly obsessed with skies, trees and seas!


Every single piece I create is individually tinted, fired and hand-painted, which means that each one is a unique piece of glass art, even though it may only be a tiny suncatcher.  Everything I make starts out as a large, flat sheet of clear glass and is then taken through a range of processes, including: cutting, drilling, grinding, tinting, hand-painting and several firings along the way.

 I work in a tiny garden studio in Frome, experimenting with glass powder and paint to create pieces which express my love of nature.  Much of my inspiration comes directly from the Somerset and Wiltshire countryside, where I walk my dog.  Lots of trees and beautiful sunsets to experience!  Although I don’t live by the coast, I’d love to, and the seascapes represent my dreams for the future.


For me, the glass journey started with a simple copper-foiled leaf.  These days, I don’t use sheets of coloured glass, but prefer to keep my waste to a minimum by tinting my own glass and painting for detail.  I work mainly with painted and fused glass, but also love combining traditional leading with these to make larger, bespoke pieces.   

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